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Grunge Off

Grunge Off bong accessories include a super soaker bong and pipe cleaner. The super soaker, with a new and improved formula developed by the Grunge Off brand, comes in a small black bottle with a screw top. The super soaker is formulated with an advanced cleaning technology that you can use to maintain and clean your bong, pipe and bong paraphernalia.

Grunge Off super soaker comes in a 555 gram bottle, measuring 77mm x 170mm x 77mm. You do not need a lot of the super cleaner to attain the best results: even a small amount can start to improve your smoking experience by keeping your bong and pipe well maintained and cleaned.

To use the Grunge Off super soaker bong and pipe cleaner for perfect results, follow these easy instructions. Use a small amount of the super soaker, pouring it directly onto the bong or pipe area to be cleaned. Ensure that you cover or shield other areas surrounding it so that you do not spill any super soaker where it won’t be used. You can also place smaller items or bong paraphernalia into a small glass container, to be covered by the super soaker. Do not add water to the super soaker. Soak the area or equipment, waiting until the affected areas are sparkling clean. Rinse with warm-to-hot water.