Greenwizard Products

Based in Brentwood in the UK, Greenwizard are a specialist manufacturer of smoking related products and accessories.

Grind, Store, Stash in Greenwizard products 'Trove' portable smoking accessory's. Greenwizard products have really put a lot of work into their trove product and have come up with one possibly one of the most convenient and robust storage pots on the market. The 'Trove' consists of a Waterproof & Smellproof container that houses a grinder, a rolling 'V' as well as a storage compartment for your Kingsize Papers and Pre-rolled cigarettes. It is also attached to a lanyard so that you can easily carry it around with you on whatever adventure you are on.

Greenwizard products are really being innovative with what they bring to the table, and we here at Shiva hope you can enjoy their products as much as we do.