Water pipes, hookahs or bongs you choose the word - originated many years ago in China and eventually came to Europe after passing through many other oriental countries. They were invented to contribute to your smoking pleasure and are now in demand in many countries. Shiva can satisfy this demand in European countries with a wide range of bongs, and included in the overall range is their range of glacier bongs.

You and your friends cannot fail to be impressed by this range of four acrylic Glacier Bongs, comprising the Fox, Angel, Thunder and Wedge bongs. Beautifully designed, showing a red setting sun overlaid by the Chinese character for truth, in the case of Fox and Angel, and love, in the case of Thunder and Wedge, symbolising the ethnic origin of this form of smoking, all are named after actual glaciers, such as the Thunder Glacier in Antarctica or the Wedge Glacier in the Canadian Garibaldi mountain range. The durable acrylic manufacture lends itself to the natural frosted white colouring similar to the colour of actual glaciers, and each of the bongs in this range has a chrome mouthpiece and a robust chrome base.

Those of you that are familiar with the pleasures of this type of smoking will be captivated by the originality of this range of bongs. Functionality and upmarket taste have not been forgotten in the design of these four items, which can be obtained in different heights, varying from 40cm to 50cm, depending on personal choice of the model selected. An additional benefit to your smoking pleasure is provided by the twist in the body of the bong which allows ice cubes to be introduced, thus cooling down the smoke and enhancing the derived pleasure – a good reason for calling this the glacier range!

Needless to say, a range of screens, cleaning products and replacement wicks can also be obtained from the Shiva.