Genie bong accessories include the alcohol cleaning wipes and vaporizer/smoking tool kit. The Genie vaporizer set includes the alcohol cleaning wipes and portable vaporizer.

Genie bong accessories are a low-cost set of tools to maintain and get the most from your bong, and the alcohol cleaning wipes are essential in the maintenance of your vaporizer. They can be used as a deeply effective, long lasting cleaning tool. The alcohol wipes cut through any built-up grease or other impurities in your vaporizer, leaving your vaporizer, bowl or pipe looking its best, and your vaporizer tasting as good as new. The cleaning wipes come in a set of two, weighing less than two grams.

The vaporizer/smoking tool kit is perfect to clean your vaporizer and all of the tools and paraphernalia that go with it. The kit includes a black cleaning brush, white cleaning brush, alcohol cleaning wipes, metal tweezers, grinder cleaning brush and sift scraper, a double-ended dabbing tool, flat double ended dabbing tool and a silicone mat. In short, the vaporizer/smoking tool kit is an ideal set of tools to help you keep your bong and vaporizer set in their best condition. The kit comes in a single tin that keeps everything neatly together.