Futurola is known as the ‘Dutch rolling company.’ Its rolling accessories include a Regular Roller and a Kingsize Roller. Both rolling accessories are ideal to roll yourself a smooth, king-size cone. The Regular roller measures 108mm x 35mm x 32mm and weighs just 40 grams, while the Kingsize roller measures 140mm x 35mm x 30mm and weight 60 grams.

Both the Futurola Regular Roller and the Futurola Kingsize Roller feature the latest in rolling technology and have been developed in the Netherlands. The rollers have a strikingly modernistic design, with a black interior, smooth grey inner core and purple frame. The purple frame in which the roller mechanism is held is tight enough to produce a smooth and well-rolled cone or cigarette, yet not too tight to make it difficult to use the roller mechanism.

You can buy either the Futurola Kingsize or Regular roller, or combine both in a dual purchase to roll yourself a regular or larger cone or cigarette, depending on the occasion. Using the rollers could not be easier, with easy instructions and a simple design ensuring that you can roll a cone or cigarette in a few minutes. When you are done, you can snap the roller back in place and carry it around with you in a snazzy case.