Dr Green

Those who regularly use bongs will know how important it is to take care of them but this is so much easier when you consider products from brands such as Dr Green. Cleaning a bong is not difficult but it is definitely an easier process if you have the right products to hand.

The Dr Green Bong & Pipe Cleaner has the advantage of being environmentally friendly. There are no fumes produced during the cleaning process and it will not leave you with any kind of aftertaste once the bong or pipe is cleaned.

Dr Green has produced an earth safe cleaner that can be used on a variety of pipes and bongs, no matter what they are made from, so regardless of whether your bong is made from glass, metal or plastic, the Dr Green product could help you.

Like any product for cleaning your bong, Dr Green recommends that this cleaner be used on a regular basis. If you have a bong that has not been cleaned for a while and has a lot of tar to be removed, you should use the cleaning product with hot water to obtain the best results. Do not forget to use a cleaning brush to help the process along a little.