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Doggies Doodaaz

Do you like things with balls??! The Doggies Doodaaz grinder range has a reputation for delivering the goods in audacious style.

The guys behind the Doggies Doodaaz collection specialise in making superb sifter grinders. This selection of metal grinders is durable and heavy duty, but surprisingly lightweight. The sharp teeth boasted by grinders in this range make grinding and pulverising your herbs and spices super easy. All Doggies Doodaaz grinders are sifter grinders, which are partitioned inside for optimum regular grinding and sifting, the inner layer of mesh handily extracts and collects the most finely ground and potent parts of your ingredients. Save these special grains to spice up your cooking and dish up some mind-blowing flavour!

Whether you choose a model such as the Doggies Doodaaz sifter grinder or the Doggies Doodaaz sifter grinder in 50mm; expect nothing less than consistent, great quality results. Both grinders come in a range of colours and blend modern, sleek design with raw power. As four part grinders, these models each utilise their top layer as the basic grinder; with its strong, sharp teeth and magnetic lid for easy grinding action. From here, your ground ingredients will fall into the middle section where they can be taken out for cooking. This is where the beauty of the sifting layer kicks in, the extra fine metal mesh only allows the tiniest and finest particles to fall through into the fourth part the base layer. Here, they can be stored until that special occasion where you want some serious potency in your culinary offerings!

All sifter grinders in the range come complete with a complementary scraper, to help with the removal of herb crystals once the grinder has been put to use. Whichever grinder you choose, expect nothing less than a long lasting product that achieves consistently great results when it comes to Doggies Doodaaz.

The range of grinders from Doggies Doodaaz is perfect for those of you who want a good quality product. These are sifter grinders and this particular range is made from metal. Each has been designed to be strong and durable, but they are not hefty items by any means. Getting your herbs and spices finely ground is very easy thanks to the grinder’s sharp teeth.

The Doggies Doodaaz grinders feature partitions inside so that the grinding and sifting process is maximised. Inside the grinder there is a layer of mesh that enables the extraction and collection of herbs when they are finely ground. This innovative little gadget is ideal for the aspiring chef wanting to use good quality herbs and spices to liven up any dish.

Doggies Doodaaz offer you a choice of grinders in a range of colours, all of which feature a very modern design. The top layer works as a basic grinder, while the middle section is where you can extract your herbs to use in your cooking. The herbs can then be sifted so that only the tiniest of particles fall through into the next section. Complete with a scraper, the grinders are very easy to use.