Deluxe Daddy

Vaporize with the advanced unit from Deluxe Daddy

The Deluxe Daddy range is designed to be the ultimate in vaporizing, and the newest unit from the range is the most advanced yet. The unit comes with everything that you need, including the oil diffuser, glass wand, screens, the user manual and the cleaning tools that you need to keep the unit in perfect condition. The manufacturer is renowned for top quality products at a reasonable price, so you will not be left out of pocket by opting for this brand.

The design

The vaporizer works by creating thick clouds of the vapour, and has a heat dial that makes it easy for you to use and control. The design prevents any feedback through the tube as it has a dual screen. The unit includes a glass oil diffuser so that you can use both herbs and oils in the vaporizer.

Benefits of features

The Deluxe Daddy unit comes in both a black version and a bamboo version.

The glass-on-glass wand is hands-free. Replacement glass wands are also available.

The manufacturer’s warranty of three years is designed to provide the user with complete peace of mind. A whole range of spare parts and accessories is available, including mouthpieces and filling chambers.

The Company

Deluxe Daddy are a Canadian company who's aim is make your vaporizer work smarter, not harder. They've done this with the Deluxe Daddy; a vaporizer that is effective and efficient. The patented removable heating assembly makes this an easy and clean product with an effective delivery method without any smoke.