The Darkshot range of bongs is considered one of the most elegant collections of smoking accessories available. These bongs are made from acrylic and the whole range has a dark edge thanks to the fact that they are mainly black; ideal if you want the bong to be unobtrusive. Some of the designs have just a splash of colour to break them up but black is the predominant hue. You will also find colour on the ice twist bongs, making them reminiscent of Rastafarian style.

The collection ranges from the classic design of bong to the ice twist variety and sizes go from 20cm to 60cm – truly something for everybody. As a starting point, Darkshot offers a classic design bong of 34cm. The design of this bong is a classic tubular shape and features include a drop-in wooden bowl. This is considered a great design feature as the wooden bowl cools much more quickly than other types and it is so much easier to use.

The chrome base of the Darkshot classic bong means that stability is not a problem when it is being rested, making it easier and safer to use. The Darkshot range is a great choice if you are new to using this type of smoking accessory. Excellent value for money for classic, no nonsense starter bongs.