Da Vinci

Ultimate vaporizing from Da Vinci

Da Vinci is responsible for creating amazing vaporizing products and the Da Vinci Portable Vaporizer should be on your radar if you want a discreet, effective product. This unit is small and easy to use, as well as being part of a bigger range of vaporizing products and accessories, including oil jars and the Extended Flexi Straw.

The design

The unit is designed to be both functional and compact. The features of this unit include a digital temperature gauge so that the user can select an exact temperature. The unit comes complete with two canisters that are designed to be used with oils. The canister can be filled before use and then just dropped into the herb chamber – nothing could be easier.

Benefits of features

The simplicity of the unit makes it easy to clean. The portable vaporizer comes with a storage compartment.

The portable vaporizer has a rechargeable battery for complete portability and it can be used at the same time that it is charging.

It is designed to be used with the other products in the range including the Extended Flexi Straw.

The mains charger and other accessories are included but are also available separately for those who need replacement products.

The Company

Da Vinci was of course one of the most famous inventors and innovators of all time, so who better to name the company after? Da Vinci was founded by Cort Smith, a dreamer who wanted to find a way to focus on a product that could assist with both mental health as well as an everyday, healthier lifestyle. He dreamed of creating a product that would bring the ancient practice of aromatherapy in the twenty-first century, in a mobile and practical format. After a whole lot of input from his friends and the wider community at large, the Da Vinci portable vaporizer was born, and we are pleased to be able to present this to you here. The world's most advanced pocket vaporizer.