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D-Lux Acrylic Bongs are great if your looking for an acrylic bong thats going to stand out then theres no other choice.

A glance at the range of D-Lux Bongs will confirm just how much this Chinese 16th century invention has moved on, not only in distance but also in its development. Originally known in English as waterpipes, but now known as bongs, this D-Lux range of products is available for a deluxe smoking experience. This beautifully designed range has something to meet everyone’s taste, and warrants a closer look at the individual descriptions of the items.

All manufactured in tough acrylic, the products are durable and aesthetically very pleasing. They are also functional, and whatever your requirements may be there is something in this range that will meet those demands. The sizes, for example, range between 25cm and 50cm, the shorter ones being easily portable, some bongs have twists in the stem so that ice cubes can be introduced for cooler smoking, all bongs have metal bases, sometimes with fins attached for extra stability, and there are several different bowl sizes. Other features of some of the items in the range are built-in diffusers and a wide colour range including some UV bongs which glow under a UV light source.

The varied colours and shapes give the range a substantial ornamental benefit, and D-Lux bongs will not look out of place in most surroundings. They will, in fact, probably be a conversation topic for some visitors. You, the user, will most probably derive the biggest benefits from this exciting range through the diversity, stylish appearance and varied functionality of all the items shown. Several of the items include a 15mm screen in the purchase price; however a full range of cleaning tools, cleaning materials and other accessories is available from the supplier and can be seen throughout the website.

Want your smoke filtering through a 14 port rose? Then checkout the Red Eye Rokit V5 Bong! All of the internal chamber components are made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion and aid quick cleaning. We even stock a replacement glass element for your Red Eye Rokit V5 in case you should happen to damage or crack the orginal. When money is no object then you have to have the Red Eye Rokit V5 Bong. This baby looks like no other bong on the market and therefore it has to be the coolest bong out there. Easy to clean and even easier to smoke with. The Red Eye Rokit V5 Bong is a limited edition bong, so if you\'re a collector get one now before it's too late.

The D-Lux brand of acrylic bongs is a very popular choice and ideal if you want your bong to make an impact. The aim of the brand is to provide you with a luxury smoking experience and it has been designed to ensure that there is something to suit everybody.

All of the D-Lux products have been manufactured using only the strongest and finest acrylic. They are designed to last and look great. If you are looking for a range that offers you a choice of sizes then this is definitely one to consider as they go from 25cm to 50cm. The smaller bongs are designed to be portable while others have special design features such as stem twists to allow you to add ice cubes for a cooler smoking experience.

All of the D-Lux bongs have been designed with metal bases and some models have additional fins for stability. You can also choose from a variety of bowl sizes, and features of the range include a variety of colours, built-in diffusers and some designs that will glow when exposed to UV light!

With a whole range of accessories, this brand is a great one to consider when you are looking for a new bong.