Cyclone Blunts

Cyclones Xtra Slo Blunts are extra slow burning blunt wraps are double wrapped in tobacco leaves with bamboo tips that have been soaked in flavour for 7 days.

Blunt wraps are becoming very popular with smokers these days as an alternative to traditional cigarettes and cigars. The wraps are outer cones that are made from tobacco leaves so you can fill them with the smoking blend that you prefer. The tobacco leaves are often flavoured and the advantage is that you can smoke them a little at a time if you prefer rather than all at once as with standard cigarettes and tobacco.

The bamboo tips are unique to the Cyclone Blunts and are known as ‘Dank 7’ because of the length of time that they soak up the flavours. You should also note that the tobacco leaves have been given their own flavour.

Cyclone Blunts: Xtra Slo

Xtra Slo Cyclone Blunts are available as pre-rolled blunt cones, which once lit, are super slow to burn. They also have a very special taste; the bamboo tips are soaked in flavour for a week and they are double-wrapped in fine tobacco leaves that are also soaked for seven days. This double wrapping ensures they burn much more slowly than other blunts. These Xtra Slo Cyclone Blunts are packaged singly and are available in a plastic tube. Once you have filled the blunt with your smoking mix you can store it in the tube. The plastic tube also serves to protect the blunt.

These blunts have the advantage of being of very slow burning as well as being pre-rolled, saving you time and making the smoking experience last longer for you. The blunts are double wrapped with tobacco leaves and have been given bamboo tips. The bamboo tips have been soaked in the relevant flavour for a week. Most smokers will have an intense experience using these blunts. The reason they burn much more slowly than other blunts is that they have a double layer of tobacco leaves and have a perfect cone shape.

Cyclone Clear Blunt Cones

Another option you might want to consider are Cyclone Clear Blunt Cones. They have a rich and full flavour and are tobacco free. Cyclone Clear Blunts are sent to you in a tough plastic tube. These tubes are very useful because you can store the blunts in them, once they have been filled with your choice of smoking mix. They are also available in a choice of flavours.

The Cyclones Clear Blunt Cones have a tough plastic tube that each blunt can be stored in to keep it safe once it has been filled with your mix of choice. The blunt cannot be crushed so you can carry it around safely with you and smoke it as and when you want to, replacing it in the tube when needed for your next smoke break. You get one single cone in the pack and you can choose from different flavours to suit your mood.