If you are on the search for grinders, then take a look at the Clearview range:

Clearview 2 Part Grinders

Clearview 2 Part Grinders are attractively designed and allow you to maintain consistency of your ground herbs. The clear top allows you to keep an eye on the result of your grindings.

Clearview 3 Part Sifter Grinders

These grinders offer the same facilities as the 2 Part Grinder but also include a collection and storage compartment where the ground herb can be stored. Like the 2 Part Grinder, it is available in 3 sizes – 40mm, 50mm and 55mm.

Clearview Hexagonal 2 Part Grinder

The hexagonal design makes this grinder easier to grip. Pressing a button at the bottom of the unit will eject the herbs, once satisfactorily ground.

Clearview Round Ejector Grinders

These grinders, available in 40mm and 50mm sizes, allow for easy ejection of the ground herbs. Just pop off the magnetic lid then push up the bottom of the grinder and the grindings will be ejected.

Clearview 4 Part Sifter Grinders

If you purchase a 4 Part Sifter Grinder, you will find the main benefit is the centre sifter, which collects the finest and most potent of the grindings. The product is available in 40mm and 50mm sizes.