Che Guevara

Che Guevara, the late South American revolutionary, lends his name to a range of products sold by Shiva. The Che Guevara range includes essential products for smokers, and includes grinders and roach filter tips.

Che Guevara Batik

Decorate your home with one of these gorgeous batiks, featuring the likeness of Che Guevara. Printed on 100% cotton using traditional techniques.

Icon Sifter Grinder

If you need a Sifter grinder from Shiva and want it embossed with the image of an icon or hero, then the one to choose is the Che Guevara. The Icon Sifter grinder available from Shiva comes in four parts. Helping provide a smooth grinding action is the magnetised lid. Inside, there are teeth in the shape of diamonds, and just as tough. They swiftly grind your herb to dust. Once the herb has been ground, it collects in the Sifter Grinder’s central compartment. The finest of herb particles collect in the base compartment, thanks to a fine mesh screen. The mesh allows only these very fine particles through. This is very important as these are the most potent herbs for you to use and are well worth keeping for those very special occasions.

Che Guevara Roach

The Che Guevara pack comes with 40 roach tabs. As for the pack itself, there is a screen print style image of the famous revolutionary icon Che, printed throughout.