Bud Bomb

Enjoy fabulous design with the Bud Bomb range

The Bud Bomb range of accessories is one that has been designed with you, the user, in mind. This range will brighten your day with its simple and easy to use products. Why not try one of the cheery containers for holding your herbs, or one of the simple smoking pipes? All of the products offer great value for money.

The design

The tobacco tins are designed to open when you push down on the top section, and they close just as easily. The range of designs includes a smiley face, a skull face and a Make Poverty History tin. The smoking pipes are easy to use, solidly built and are considered essential for anyone who is serious about their smoking. After taking a draw, the pipe can be popped into a pocket until the next time, and no fire hazard!

Benefits of features

The smoking pipes can be worn on a chain around the neck for ease of use, and herbs can be stored in the end chamber.

The pipes come in a presentation tube and are easy to take apart and clean.

The whole Bud Bomb range represents great value for money.