Bob Marley

The Bob Marley products in the Shiva range not only allow you to enjoy the bong experience even more, but also pay due respect to one of reggae’s all-time greats.

The range includes:

Bob Marley Zippo Style Petrol Lighter

Let’s face it, to light up you really do need a lighter and you can do no better than using a good, old-fashioned petrol lighter. The Bob Marley Zippo Style Petrol Lighter comes adorned with full colour pictures of the reggae hero with a range of options – “Mellow Mood,” “One Love,” “Soul Rebel” and “Jah Jah” – a real must buy.

Bob Marley Rolling Papers & Cones

If you want to enjoy the smoking experience, you will need to have the accessories to hand. Included in the Bob Marley are rolling papers and cones. These include a box of 50 rolling papers and pure hemp cigarette papers.

Bob Marley Paper Case – Kingsize and Bob Marley Waterproof Kingsize Skins Wallet

Also included in the range are the Kingsize Paper Case and Waterproof Kingsize Wallet, both embossed with images of Marley himself.

Bob Marley Ashtrays

You'll always need an ashtray to keep your home clean and clear from ash and debris. Whether you prefer smoking bongs, roll-ups, or straights, use a Bob Marley ashtray instead of your floor!

Bob Marley Bedspread

Complete the experience by relaxing on this Bob Marley Bedspread, with pictures of the reggae superstar and the slogan “One Love.”