Bio Hazard Inc

Bio hazard are a north american manufacture of bongs, pipes and glassware. The specialise in making affordable percolator bongs, dab rigs and recyclers that are affordable yet super functional. There sleek design and cool branding makes them a stand out brand amongst the budget glass world.

Bio Hazard are based in LA, and were established in 2007. Their mission is to become the leading wholesale global distributor of top quality smoking products at an affordable price, and judging by their merchandise, we'd say that that are well on their way. After all, their customers have a tendency to remain loyal to them; we think this goes to show just how good their products are!

Whether you are looking for a high quality dabbing rig, or a super stylish percolator bong, Bio Hazard have a range of smoking gear specially suited for your needs, made from high quality materials that won't break the bank.