Formed in 2003, Aspire have become one of the leading manufactures in the electronic cigarette market and are regarded as being at the height of innovation and functionality.

Manufactured in their own facilities in China, Aspire are constantly creating new products that take vaporizing to the next level. Their management, product development and quality control have solidified them as being one of the leading brands in he ever expanding e-cigarette world. They have a research and development team made up of senior technical experts, with rich experience in the industry, who have patented over 25 new products.

They offer products such as Sub OHM regulated box mods, such as the ESP 30W Box Mod and the Pagaus, clearomizers such as the Cleito and the Triton series, RTA's and loads more.

Their Sub OHM tanks such as the Atlantis 2 are currently the market leading tanks bringing sub ohm vaping to the masses. And not only do they chuck out vapor but they also produce great flavour, allowing you to get the most enjoyable experience from your favourite E-Liquid.

Coils for Aspire Tanks

Having the option to choose between different types of coils helps you to achieve your preferred flavour and vapour density requirements when using a wide selection of different ratio and flavour E-liquids. If you are using high VG liquids, you need your coils to be able to absorb the liquid easily and be able to output enough power to evaporate it. If you are using more balanced ratio liquids, you want to be able to taste The deep flavour profiles of your favourite E-liquids. Aspire offer a massive selection of different coils for their tanks, giving you complete flexibility of your vaping experience. Whether you prefer mouth to lung, straight to lung or temp control, they have something to suit your needs.

Most people who use an E-cigarette either prefer to inhale their vapour from mouth to lung like a traditional cigarette or direct to lung more like a hookah pipe. How this is determined comes down to the ohm rating of the coils you use. Direct to lung vaporizing is determined by using a coil with an ohms rating less than 1, also known as 'Sub Ohm' vaping. Whereas mouth to lung, generally uses coils with a resistance higher than 1 ohm. Although, there are a few exceptions to this rule, you can usually determine how a coil will affect your vaporizer by its ohm rating.

Sub Ohm vaping offers a few other benefits. Because the coils have little resistance it means that your vaporizer can create more vapour quicker, giving you big plooms of dense vapour. This in turn also helps to highlight different flavour profiles in your E-liquids, and different ohm ratings can often make the same e-liquid taste completely different.

Another factor to consider when choosing a coil for you Aspire tanks is the material used to make the actual coil. Generally, most coils are either made from Kanthal, Stainless Steel or Nichrome. But, if you are using an E-cigarette with a temperature control function Nickel, Titanium and sometimes even Gold is used. Each material offers different characteristics such as how quickly they degrade the cotton wicking, Ramp up time and flavour. It is important to research the metal you are planning on using as certain metals can become toxic when used at higher temperatures.

If you are using a temperature controlled device Nickel, Titanium and Stainless steel are great options to consider. They offer a lot of characteristics that regular Kanthal wire doesn't offer such as improved flavour, ramp up time and being able to use your E-cigarette at higher wattages without the undesired high temperatures.

Airflow and wicking time is the last thing to consider when choosing a coil. Coils with bigger air holes allow for cool, smooth hits of vapour, which wick thick VG heavy juices easily, perfect for cloud chasers. Although, large air holes can often diminish the flavour of your E-liquid. If you are a flavour chaser, the best option for you would be smaller air holes. These produce a dense, warm vapour with more flavour than coils with larger air holes but can often get hot and harsh.

Aspire Quest Mini Odyssey Kit

The Aspire Quest Mini Kit is a small, discreet and extremely portable all in one vaporizer. A perfect introductory Sub-Ohm vaporizer for people looking to get in to vaporizing, or looking to replace an older model that may not be meeting their needs.

The Kit combines Aspire's Triton Mini Tank with their Pegasus Mini mod battery. These two items are refined models of their larger counterparts, giving the same quality and functionality but making them pocket sized and super portable, perfect as an everyday unit to take to work, college, or when you are out and about.

The Battery boasts a 50 Watt output, temperature control and houses Aspires highly regarded Pegasus Chipset and display which is super easy to navigate and looks super cool.

The Triton Mini tank is super functional as well. It offers the ability to be able to fill it up with liquid via the top, unlike a lot of older generation tanks which you had to unscrew the bottom, turn it upside down and then fill it. This makes it super easy to fill whilst on the go, not intervening with your life too much or pushing you to revert back to smoking real cigarettes out of convenience. Although, it does have a small 2ml capacity meaning depending on how much you use it, it has to refill often. The coils you can get for it make up for this disadvantage. Coming in a range of different Ohms ratings to suit vapers needs. They offer Kanthol, temperature controlled Nickel and even Clapton! These offer you the ability to modify your vaping experience depending on whether you value cloud production or flavour. All in all the Aspire quest Mini Odyssey kit is great all in one kit from Aspire, which offers portability and convenience but not at the expense of cloud production, quality or flavour.

Aspire Triton Mini Tank

Combining all of the specifications of the original Triton tank in to a much more portable size, the Aspire Triton Mini Tank is a super refined product from the crew at Aspire. It includes top filling features, as well as a large selection of different coils, 2ml capacity and adjustable airflow.

The adjustable airflow and replaceable coils mean the Triton Mini can be customised to fit the preference of any vaper, whether experienced or new. Open airflow combined with lower resistance coils, such as the 0.15ohm Nickel allows for massive clouds of cool vapour, whereas a closed airflow and a 1.8ohm Clapton offers supreme flavour. The combination of power and airflow means you will never get bored of this tank.

Although the capacity of the tank, measuring in a 2ml, is quite small compared to some, the convenience of filling makes it stand out. Simply remove the drip tip, turn the fill setting to the water drop logo, and fill away. Super convenient, and super Easy. The Aspire Triton Mini Tank is a great little compact device, but don't expect it's size to effect it's performance because it certainly packs a punch

It's a good idea to experiment with different types of coils, to find the perfect one for you. Hopefully here at Shiva we have something to suit your needs.

They're a brand we trust and enjoy here at Shiva