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Old Dirty Blowback

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Product Description

Red Eye

Standing at 30cm tall, O.D.B may be compact, but it gets the job done.

Featuring an ice twist; this allows you to add ice cubes once the base has been filled with water. Due to its lower temperature, it is widely believed that a lot of tar is absorbed by the ice, allowing better filtering than water alone. The ice also cools the smoke more effectively than water alone, making it perfect for those days when you fancy a smoother and more relaxing smoke.

The anodized aluminium diffuser contains six holes; this breaks the smoke up into small 'bubbles', for more efficient cooling and toxin absorption by the water. The result? An even cooler, cleaner smoke!

These bongs not only work superbly, they look fantastic. The polished anodized mouthpiece and base gleam and add a touch of class to your smoking ritual.

Each bong has an embedded cubic zirconia on the stem to add to the sense of luxury and occasion.

Bling Bong Close Up Detail BlingBongCharmDetail

Now, we do like to spoil you lucky, lucky people. As if offering a top notch good looking bong wasn't enough, each Bling Bong also comes with a charm attached that you can do with as you please! Stick it on your phone! Stick it on your wrist! Stick it on your wall! Leave it where it is! The choices are endless!

Each Bong also comes with a drop in cone for ease of use, together with two packets of screens. You can get more here.

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Old Dirty Blowback has been reviewed 1 times scoring an average 4 out of 5 stars

    • 4 out of 5 Stars

    Weenie on 25th July 2011

    I bought this because I know I can't trust myself with a glass bong, but I still wanted a good quality bong to be my main piece. The drop in bowl on this works rather well (and is big too, which is great), though there's a little danger of it getting knocked out it is in there fairly securely, this also has a carb which some people may like but I don't use since it's so easy to remove the bowl and clear the chamber that way, so this just results in a wet thumb sometimes and I plan to block it up. The diffused downstem works a treat and looks pretty easy to clean since the other end has a rubber stopper that pops off so you can get in there. The heavy metal base not only gives it some stability but also a great solid feel, it feels like you're holding a glass bong. The ice kink is a little wide but most of the time the ice doesn't fall through right away, and when the ice is in there it does make it smoother. I think the branding is a bit silly, but that's a matter of taste and despite the little jewel on it this is one mighty fine looking bong, the metal parts are all shiny and look well made. So yeah, I plan for this to be my bong for a long time to come, I just can't imagine me breaking it because it feels so solid, and I don't think it's going to need replacing for quite some time.

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