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For those about to join the vaporizing revolution, this is your way in! Vaporizing is far healthier and more cost efficient than smoking. Whatever your raw material, the fact that it is vaporized at high temperatures rather than burnt means far fewer harmful toxins and carcinogens are produced, and there is far less waste. No smoke escapes to irritate and alert other people around you; instead, the concentrated essence of your substance is trapped as a vapour and gently inhaled, giving you a cooler, smoother and easier experience but with all of the potency and more. In fact, you'll soon notice that you're spending far less on the raw materials, meaning that the initial investment of buying a vaporizer very quickly pays for itself.

The choice ranges from the very economical Vaporstar Vaporizer, a simple to use portable handheld vaporizer that will seem a familiar process to anyone who's used a regular water pipe, up to the Vaporfection viVape 2, the ultimate in hi-tech vaporization devices, compact and digitally controlled with a choice of delivery methods. In between, the Deluxe Daddy and the Hot Box offer great value for money, or how about the Vap 240 in its vanity-style aluminium case?

The Vapocane range will convert your existing glass bong into a healthy, efficient vaporizer, while the Top-Vapor VP500 is a stylish model that looks almost like a Victorian crystal ball. The Fuzion AVR 320 comes with its own remote control, and the Very Vappy VV600 is a sturdy, no nonsense model with easy to read and operate controls. With products available to suit any budget, as well as a full range of spares and accessories, there's never been a better time to give vaporizing a try. Once you've experienced the advantages of inhaling rather than smoking, we know you'll want to get on board.