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Tired of using a blowtorch to heat your nail up? Well then, an E-Nail might be the nail for you! We offer some of the best E-Nails on the market. Our Dabbie selection is everything you need from an E-Nail at very good prices! Need to replace the Nail for your E-Nail? No problem! Our Titan Titanium Domeless will suit you perfectly.


E-Nail E-Nails are the most efficient way of consuming your concentrate at home or out and about. You can choose your desired temperature very simply and quickly. All you need to do is to set your favourite temperature and dab away! We offer three main units; Dab Station, the Dabbie Pro, and the all powerful Puffco Peak. The portable options are perfect for dabbing wherever you want so you can always have the perfect dab.

E Nail vs Bangers The E-Nail makes life much more easy than using a traditional banger. With a normal nail, you have to heat it up using a blow torch. The main difficulty of this is controlling the temperature. It becomes a bit of a guessing game if you want to Low Temp. With an E-Nail, you can control the temperature perfectly. This means no more hot and dirty dabs! You can control your desired Low Temp dabs without having painful lungs.

Portable vs Home Units The portable dab rigs are ideal for dabbing on the go but they have some drawbacks. Firstly, battery life can be an issue with cheaper models. You can still be dabbing all day but you would have to be keeping battery life in mind. This is not so much of a problem with it comes to the Puffco Peak. The battery give you an average of 30 dabs before you need to recharge it. Home E-Nails in comparison don't have this problem. you just plug it in and go! They are still pretty portable and easy to set up so you can take it around a friends house with out any problem. Portable units come with a glass bubbler meaning they're ready to use right out of the box. The home unit requires a separate dab rig. We have a range of glass rigs on our page so if you're just starting out, you can get everything you need right here.

Quarts vs Ceramic There is a big debate within the dabbing community on which one is better. Both vape oil very effectively but Quarts is considered to maintain the best flavour. If your oil is particularly flavoursome, Quarts is the way to go. It is also the easiest to clean in comparison.