Discreet Vape

Vape anywhere with the Discreet Vape range

Discreet Vape is a range that does exactly what it says – giving you the chance to vape discreetly no matter where you are. The Puffit portable vaporizer is a great accessory for those who like vaporizing, and the design resembles an asthma inhaler, so much so that it can hardly be told apart from the real thing.

The design

The Discreet Vape has an internal microprocessor. There are temperature sensors that are designed for even heating, and there is a temperature wheel so that you can select the setting that you want. You can charge the unit using USB, so you can charge it easily if you are near a computer. Throw in the Puffit Heat Optimizer to help to make your vaporizer more efficient.

Benefits of features

The Discreet Vape Puffit will charge quickly once connected by USB. You can also be reassured that it will not overheat because there is an auto-off function.

The Heat Optimizer spreads the heat more evenly during use, thanks to its ability to enlarge the surface area of the herb matter that is exposed to the heat.

Both units are great value for money and designed to last.

The Company

Based in Hong Kong, Discreet Vape were formed out of the need for a vaping unit for people who would like to vape discreetly wherever they may be. The asthma inhaler design came to them, and is the perfect accessory for those who like to vape on the go.