T-Bird 30cm Percolator Bong

T-Bird 30cm Percolator Bong

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The T-Bird 30cm Percolator Bong takes it's name from it's unusual upside down T-shape. Within this T is an inline diffuser, one of many percolators in this piece.

The inline percolator features 11 diffuser holes to force the smoke through, increasing it's surface are and contact with water, cooling it on contact.

After being filtered through the lower T chamber the smoke is then filtered through the second percolator. This is an attractive blue and clear glass tree percolator with 6 arms and 12 diffuser holes, this filters and diffuses the smoke even further.

The 3rd top chamber helps to pop any bubbles from the lower percolator as well as diffusing the smoke itself. All these diffusion holes do have an effect on the draw resistance of the bong, making it harder to inhale than regular straight tube bong but, it does greatly help to cool and filter the smoke, making it healthier and more enjoyable.

It comes supplied with a 14.5mm handle bowl.

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