Roach (Filters/ Tips)

For anyone who rolls their own cigarettes, they know that adding a filter makes for a smoother, cleaner smoke. Gone are the days of ripping up random bits of paper or cardboard and having to fight it into the cigarette.

You can find a wide range of roaches and filter tips can cater for all your needs here at Shiva. Choose from a selection of glass, wood or brass reusable roaches, paper tips or chalk filters, all specially designed to give you the best smoke possible. Using reusable roaches not only means you won run out of roaches, it’s also much better for the environment and reducing the white tips left around.

Reusable filters and roaches have the added bonus that they can be used as rolling aids, guaranteeing a beautiful cone shaper cigarette every time. They are easy to clean and will last forever (presuming you don’t lose it), and with prices starting from just £2.50 they are a great price too!