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Reusable Roach

Why keep spending on new roaches when you can buy one you can use over and over again! All you need to do is clean them occasionally. Our glass tips will give you the smoothest taste and they come in different shapes so you can get the best feeling of your smoke!

Whilst rolling your own may be to some people's liking there is an alternative for those who would rather not have to rip up paper every time they want to roll their own. Re-usable roaches are a great alternative to ripping up paper. The re-usable roach can be used as a rolling aid and it will keep the paper tight on the roach as it is rolled. At the end you are guaranteed to have a beautiful cone-shaped cigarette. All you have to do is keep the re-usable roach clean and it will give you years of rolling pleasure. So if you want fantastic giant cone-shaped cigarettes without the hassle take a look at our re-usable roaches.

Our Pitara re-usable roaches come in one of three finishes. Elegant rosewood is a naturally occurring material and as such you will love the beauty of this re-usable roach. Refined glass is also a stylish looking re-usable roach and finally we have classic oak another naturally occurring material that creates a beautiful re-usable roach. Re-usable roaches not only make rolling your cigarettes much easier they are also more hygienic. Gone will be the days when sharing a smoke with friends meant a wet paper. You can impress your friends by producing perfect cone-shaped cigarettes every time. For those who may be new to making roll-ups the Pitara re-usable roach comes with full instructions and you also receive a cleaning tool.

The Red-Eye Dopegear re-usable roach is made of aluminium and it will never bend or get soggy, but produce perfect cigarettes time after time. This re-usable roach is also good for reducing tar making your smoke healthier and smoother. If this catches your eye then why not consider the Splif Stik also by Red-Eye which has a filtering unit and is accompanied by two re-usable roaches into which you can insert your smoke.

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