Gold Automatic Rolling Box

Gold Automatic Rolling Box


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Product Description

Rolling boxes are a great solution for people who struggle to hand roll cigarettes. They turn your tobacco, paper and filter into a perfectly shaped roll up, with just the simple close of a lid

Not only do they roll your cigarettes for you, they give you a neat and handy place to keep all your tobacco and rolling accessories. Under the lid is a storage compartment with enough space to store a decent amount of tobacco along with papers and filters.

This Gold Automatic Rolling Box is finished to perfection, with an attractive eagle pattern engraved on the top.

To Use

1) Open the case's lid and fill long narrow channel loosely with tobacco. Do not overfill the channel, as this will hinder smooth operation.

2) Moisten the sticky edge of rolling paper and position the gummed edge on top, facing out, with the lower edge placed behind the tobacco.

3) Begin to shut the case gently. This will engage the paper behind the tobacco. Apply equal force on both sides and close the lid. a perfectly rolled cigarette will pop-up from the slit in the lid of the case.

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