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Single Roll-up Holders

Roll up Holders are the perfect way of carrying your smoke out and about without any hassle! Or if you stubbed your cigarette out and want it keep it safe, these roll up holders are perfect! Your smoke wont get crushed in your bag or make it smell!

How often do you find that you've just rolled yourself the perfect smoke, only for something to come up and you need to go out? Your roll-up's never going to stand the test of time in your bag or pocket, so what can you do? Look no further than Shiva's range of roll-up holders, which hold the answer to this age-old puzzle. Our selection of roll-up holders will keep a single smoke in pristine condition until you're ready to enjoy it. Our range comes in varying sizes and several different materials, so you'll be sure to find one to suit your needs. They come in different funky colours too, meaning that storage never looked so good.

Choose from products such as the CheekyOne metal cone holder or our basic single roll-up holder, which comes in either small or large. As with all their products, CheekyOne add a touch of luxury to their take on the joint holder; its smooth and beautifully designed metal exterior (available in a choice of colours) will definitely ensure that your rollie doesn't get squashed in transit. Our more basic roll-up holder offers the same level of protection to your roll-up, but uses a cover of sturdy plastic. These brightly coloured designs feature an embossed logo on their lid.

Shiva has a huge range of accessories, and sells cigarette paper cases, stylish smoking kits, mats and frames to complement your rolling experience. These handy gadgets ensure that every cigarette you roll is perfectly formed before you pop it in your holder, a must if you struggle with grasping the art of rolling. Our full range retails at an extremely affordable price, so whether you treat yourself or a friend to these handy pieces of kit, neither your ciggie nor your bank balance need be squashed.