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Paper Cases

Keep your smoking papers safe in style with our range of paper cases! From leading brands to funky designs, we have a case for you. These are ideal to slip in to any pocket so can you take your papers anywhere without them getting squashed!

There are few things worse than when going to roll a cigarette, you discover to your horror that your papers have been crushed beyond recognition in your bag, jacket or pocket. This in turn means that now, rolling a perfectly formed ciggie is completely out of the question. Here at Shiva, we have the solution to these woes - a cigarette paper case that is superb value for money, looks great, is an excellent gift idea and ensures that dog-eared roll ups are a thing of the past. A case not only looks great and will save you money in the long-term, but also prevents any potential mishaps from happening at all times.

At Shiva, we have a wide range of designs, colours and materials in our selection of paper cases. All of our cases are available in both king-size and regular, so that no matter what your preference may be in paper size, you're covered. Designs are many and varied, and include our popular and feminine flower-power case, a stylish and elegant plain black king-size paper holder, our classic Rizla red paper case, our iconic Bob Marley king-size skins wallet or Bob Marley paper case, the Kulu lips case or our RAW paper rolling case. As well as the main styles listed here, many of these fantastic products are available in different colours and prints, allowing you to really stamp your personality onto your case.

Whether you pick one out for yourself or as a gift for a friend, Shiva's great range of cigarette paper cases cater for all pockets and personal preferences. Give your ciggies a personalised twist with a case today - impress your friends with your style and sophistication, while also organising your stash and saving yourself a fortune in replacing crushed papers!