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Tasty Puffs

Whichever choice of Tasty Puff you select, you are guaranteed to enjoy a tastier and refreshing new smoking experience, it will have you hooked! Cook up amazing flavours in just a few seconds and treat yourself and your friends to a completely new world of taste.

Tasty Puffs Flavourings

As good as they sound, Tasty Puffs are certain to add a little extra something to your smoke of choice. Although there is an extensive range of flavoured papers and pre-flavoured tobacco already available, for a little extra freedom, a wider choice of flavour - and for a taste that packs more of a punch - Tasty Puffs remain unbeatable. By flavouring your tobacco, you're not as limited as to how you can smoke it, something that can prove restrictive with flavoured papers. Tasty Puffs give you the freedom to enjoy your flavoured smoke as a pipe, roll-up, blunt or bong, guaranteeing that however you choose to smoke, it will be tasty! Tasty Puffs, as the name suggests, are available in several tasty, juicy flavours, so with such great prices and so many choices available, we would encourage you to try them all.

Shiva's tastiest range either comes in the form of our Tasty Puff sprays or as Tasty Puff drops. Both of these are easy to carry around with you, both are low in price and available in a wide range of flavours, so you are able to change up your smoking experience as often as you want! Simply spray or squeeze a couple of drops of your chosen flavour on to smoking forms such as cigarettes, cigars, rolling papers, your favourite legal herbs, blunt wraps, water-pipe water or rolling tobacco. Wait a few seconds before you light up, to really let the flavour take hold, and you're good to go.