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Pokey Things / Dabbers

The PDT, most commonly known as the Pokey Downy Thingy is an essential to any smoker. No longer do you have to rely on someone having a clipper! And for all your oil fans out there, we have the perfect selection of dabbers to get the perfect dab!

As most regular smokers are aware, a good dabber is an essential part of any set up. Shiva stocks a wide variety of choices, ensuring that you will find a high quality dabber that will consistently meet your needs. Buy an individual dabber or treat yourself to a set - whichever you choose, you need never be caught short while cleaning, dabbing or scooping again!

Our extensive range offers you a choice of dabbers in plastic, glass, stainless steel or titanium, each available in a variety of sizes. Choose from the offerings of our specialist brands, such as Happy Daddy, Prodda or ROOR. The range includes models such as the 11cm titanium dabber - a great all-rounder, which with its titanium construction guarantees that you will achieve a very clean and tasty smoke. It is also double-ended for double the usefulness; one end boasts a handy scoop which is great for less sticky waxes and on the other end you'll find a ballpoint, useful for more sticky oils. This piece is sold separately, but if you fancy even more functionality then sets of multiple tools - such as our Happy Daddy slinger titanium dabber set - will be right up your street. Although a little pricier, this set is worth every penny, with its five titanium dabbing tools, key ring and handy lanyard. Our selections of sets will provide you with ultimate precision and accurate dabbing, no matter what kind of concentrate you're using.

Alternatively, if you're looking for something a little more cheap and cheerful, why not check out our basic long pokey? Brightly coloured with fun designs, these plastic devices are perfectly long and thin, ideal for loading cigarette cones.

With their great value and practicality, you never need struggle, fiddling around making your smokes. Check out the rest of Shiva's smoking accessories for handy gadgets to further enhance your smoking experience.