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Happy Daddy Titanium Dabbers



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Product Description

The Globfather titanium dabber features a handy scoop design that has been engineered to allow easy handling of non-solvent concentrates. It also features a flat dabbing tool at the other end which is useful for all types of concentrates and makes The Globfather a truly versatile tool. The Globfather is approx. 167mm long.

The Globfather 2 is very similar to the Original Globfather but is in a handy more portable size. The Globfather 2 is approx. 109mm long.

The F-Bomb and its little sister the Little F-er both feature a two prong fork design on one end that allows the user to stab their wax / shatter concentrates and apply them directly to your dabbing device with very little mess or wasted essential oil. On the other end of both the F-Bomb and the Little F-er dabbers you will find a handy tool that allows the user to scoop a small amount of concentrate and when applied to a heated nail or skillet, the concentrate melts through the hole and cleanly onto your dabbing device. The F-Bomb measures approx. 173mm long and the Little F-er measures approx. 98mm long.

The Big Buddah and Baby Buddah dabbing tools feature a very useful scoop tool that allows the user to easily scoop some of their concentrate out of a container such as a vial. The hole in the scoop allows the concentrate to melt through it and cleanly on to the dabbing device reducing waste. The other end of these tools features a very versatile pointed dabber that can be used for a range different concentrates and devices. The Big Buddah measures approx. 176mm long and the Baby Buddah measures approx. 101mm long.

The Buddah Bomb combines tools from both the Big Buddah and the F-Bomb to create a super useful little dabber. The scoop tool enables the user to cleanly apply their concentrates to their dabbing device with very little mess or waste. The Pointed dabbing tool is extremely versatile and can be used for all types of concentrates. The Buddah Bomb measures approx. 98mm long.

Each of the Happy Daddy Titanium Dabbers are sold individually.

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