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RAW 70mm 2 Way Rolling Machine


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Product Description

Brand: RAW


The 2 way system allows you to roll either regular size cigarettes, or skinny ones, depending on your preference. Simply turn the control knob to your preference and roll away!

To Use:

1) Hold the machine with the size control knob on the left. Set knob to 1 for regular size or 2 for skinny size cigarette.

2) To open the roller, lift the rolling pin up towards you. Spread the tobacco evenly and lightly press between the rolling pins. Use 1/3 less tobacco for the skinny size cigarette

3) To close the roller, push the rolling pins together. Remove any tobacco caught between the rolling pins. With the rolling pins in the closed position, give the front rolling pine one full turn towards you and down with your thumbs. You must always roll towards you and never away.

4) Insert paper with the gummed side up and facing you. Roll the front rolling pin towards you again, leaving the gummed edge sticking up by 1/2 inch. Lightly moisten the gummed edge. Continue rolling the paper through the roller by rotating both rolling towards you at the same time. To remove the cigarette, rotate the rear rolling pin quickly backwards. Open & Enjoy!

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