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Original Roll Tray -Wolf T4 Deluxe - Maple

Original Roll Tray -Wolf T4 Deluxe - Maple

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Product Description

Wolf Productions

The Wolf Productions T4 is compromised of a series of removable parts, each perfectly crafted and wonderfully useful. t4 maple closed

  • There is a generously proportioned tobacco box which has a meshed base that filters only the very finest dust through.
  • Beneath this is the removable catcher tray that collects all that fine dust we've heard so much about.
  • There's a very charming and very useful gubbins box specifically designed to hold whatever you want it to hold (as long as it fits, mind) which is spacious and deep enough to hold certain grinders.
  • There's the beautifully large, magnetically enhanced "V" block synonymous with Wolf Productions that happily sits at the front but just as happily comes out to grace the room with its presence.
  • There's yet another removable storage tray which sits beneath the rolling tray and can hold tips, papers or whatever you think should go in there pokey stick? and in turn conceals yet more storage.
  • This model stands out from all the others with a set of keys and locking catch so you can keep your contents away from nosey types and light-fingered smurfy types.
  • You also get a slick black plastic Wolf Productions card that you can keep in your wallet and show to people as if it's your secret identity calling card (or for wiping jam off your chin).
  • Aside from all the other storage you'll find a very decent sized middle section where you can keep all your extra bits.

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Original Roll Tray -Wolf T4 Deluxe - Maple has been reviewed 1 times scoring an average 5 out of 5 stars

    • 5 out of 5 Stars

    Stoned since 99 on 16th May 2017

    I've had one of these beauts for years! It's beautifully designed and well made, with great examples of the different types wooden joints used by skilled craftsmen. Beautiful wood too! It's perfect! It's one of my favourite, most treasured and gets a lot of use! Would and do, recommend it to everyone! Many people have commented on how awesome it is, especially the design!

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