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OCB Rolling Papers & Cones

The OCB brand (Odet Cascadet Bollorĩ) came into existence in 1918, though the founders of the company the Bollorĩ brothers, along with Nicolas le Mariĩ began operating their first paper mill, on the banks of the River Odet in north-west France, in 1822. The company now specialises in manufacturing a wide range of quality rolling papers.

The OCB Papers Range

Organic Hemp Slim and 4:20 - if you are concerned about the environment this is the product for you. Made entirely from organic hemp and completely devoid of additives this paper enables you to taste only the substance you are smoking. The gum is 100% Arabic, the inks used on the labelling are vegetable based and the packaging is recycled.

Premium #1, Extra Long and Kingsize - a fine, flax paper that is both lightweight and slow burning; in fact the paper is so thin it is almost transparent. Only the finest Arabic gum is used and each sheet is watermarked to confirm its authenticity. The extra width of the Kingsize paper, 5cm, enables enhanced coning to be achieved.

X-Pert - this paper is ultra-transparent and the 100% organic Arabic gum means you only need to lick it lightly to seal. The paper guarantees a slow even burn and despite its thinness is easy to roll. Each pack features an adhesive back for fixing to your tobacco pouch.

Crystal - one of the features of this product is that no gum is required; all you have to do is lick the paper and it sticks. Made from vegetable cellulose paper, which is 100% natural, OCB Crystal is as strong as ¢â‚¬Ëœnormal' rolling paper, completely taste free and slow burning.

Since its formation OCB have been particularly popular, not only in its native France, but also in the USA. Today, however, it has become a truly global brand with a reputation for manufacturing high