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Transparent Rolling Papers

Transparent rolling papers are made out of 100% cellulose, a long chain of linked sugar molecules that form the major part of the cell walls of plants. The purest form is cotton, though in papermaking it is mainly sourced from wood.

The key benefits in terms of rolling papers are that cellulose has no odour when burned and is virtually taste free, so does not affect the flavour of the tobacco or herb being smoked. In addition, combustion is slower than many other types of paper and no adhesive is required as the leaves stick together when rolled and slightly moistened.

Some of the most popular brands of transparent rolling paper are listed below:

Invisibles Flavoured King Size - produced by Dragonfly and available in a range of no less than 16 flavours, including favourites such as maple, grape, honey, citrus, raspberry, orange, mango, sour apple and smoked coffee, these papers are interleaved, are thinner than normal papers but have a have a high tensile strength and are devoid of ink. Available in booklets of 25 leaves and boxes of 25 booklets.

1 Back Kingsize Slim - these Brazilian made transparent rolling papers are each 115 x 43mm wide and are completely chemical free. They are also biodegradable, which just has to be good for the environment.

Aleda Transparent Cigarette - this brand of rolling papers is sold in packs of 40 leaves and boxes containing 40 packs. As with similar transparent papers this product features a biodegradable, lick and stick film, which burns slowly and has no aftertaste. The size of each leaf is 110 x 30mm wide.

Translucenogenic Chrome King Size - another rolling paper made from transparent 100% cellulose, which because it is chemical free, leaves no aftertaste. Leaf size is 112 x 30mm wide.

Not only do transparent rolling papers have the novelty value of being virtually invisible, they are also environmentally friendly, being biodegradable.

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