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Elements Rolling Papers & Cones

Elements Papers

Created by the same man who produces RAW elements were the original papers he made even before he had thought up the RAW concept! Inspired by his dad, who smoked rice papers when he was a child, he recreated a paper his father would love. Named after the elements that sustain the life used to create these papers. Earth to grow the rice, water to nourish the cop, wind to power the factory and fire to burn them.

What are Elements made from?

Elements, despite their white appearance, are completely unbleached and chlorine free, just like RAW's. That's because they are made from rice paper, and a small amount of sugar, used to make the gum. Rice paper burns completely ash free, and the only residue you will get from the paper, is a small amount of caramel made when the sugar glue burns. The rice papers are pressed to make them ultra thin and slow burning, and are water marked to ensure an even burn when you're smoking.