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Flavoured Papers

Flavoured papers and cones are all the rage and more brands are being marketed every week. Here are just a few of the most popular you might like to try.

Brown Sugar: Brown Sugar rolling papers are actually made from tobacco and feature a sugar based gum sealer. Flavours include strawberry, peach, cherry bon bon, chocolate mint and island blend.

Other options are available such as Kingsize, which are available in packs of three and six booklets, and Rolls, which are sold in boxes of assorted flavours containing either four or six packs each 12m long.

Dragonfly: Sold in sealed packets to ensure the papers remain factory fresh until you want to use them, Dragonfly papers are sold as Flavoured King Size Papers or Invisibles Flavoured King Size.

King Size Papers are the more traditional 100% hemp paper option and are sold in packs of five assorted flavours in sealed foil packets, each containing 33 leaves.

Invisibles are made from 100% natural cellulose and are completely transparent. No gum is required, you simply have to lick the edges to moisten them and they stick securely. There are 25 leaves to each booklet.

Spanish: These cannabis flavoured Kingsize Slim papers are made in Spain using only the finest hemp. The product is sold in packs of 32 leaves, each of which is 110 x 44mm wide. Boxes containing 25 packs are also available.

Jumbo: Jumbo flavoured papers, as the name suggests, are large and tasty. Available in strawberry, watermelon, mango and cherry, they are sold in sealed packs of 33 leaves.

Top: Manufactured in France by Wildfire, the Top range of flavoured rolling papers, which are sized mid-way between king and regular, can be purchased in Velvet Peach, Sunrise Strawberry and Vanilla Cream. Triple infused to ensure you really taste the flavour, each pack contains 50 interleaved and watermarked sheets. 24 pack boxes are also available.

Juicy Jays: Juicy Jay offer the widest range of flavours and paper sizes currently on the market, from paper rolls to Kingsize and cannabis flavoured Slim Kings. You can purchase Juicy Jay paper rolls in 11 flavours, for example and Kingsize in no less than 20.

No matter what size and type of paper you prefer you are sure to find one in a flavour to suit your individual taste.