Smoking Pipes & Chillums

Smoking Pipes & Chillums

In our Smoking pipes section we have one of our wide selections available on Shiva. If you're looking for a new smoking pipe then you'll definitely find it here and if you don't then, you're not going to find it.

The serious smoker will tell you that there is nothing better than a pipe to get the real experience and hit from your tobacco or herbal product. Our pipes and chillums collection covers a range of traditional pipes, including those which were made famous by the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. These traditional wooden pipes not only look good but they smoke beautifully as well.

For something completely different, why not try one of our traditional chillums? If you have not used one previously, you will find that using a chillum will be an entirely different experience; the smaller the chillum the hotter the smoke when it hits you, with the larger ones, the smoke cools off, but there is an increase of volume.

These are just two of the many pipes that we offer here at Shiva, you can find deluxe pipes, and travel pipes, disguise pipes, glass and brass pipes plus so much more.

These products are intended for use with tobacco, molasses and herbal smoking mixtures. They are sold on the understanding that they will not be used as a means of smoking illegal substances.