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Highland Papers Rolling Papers & Cones

Founded in Scotland in 1979 Highland Rolling Papers use only the finest rice papers and natural Arabic gum. Each of the product range is identified by a highly distinctive theme, which makes the various brands quite unique. For example, Cosmic branded products feature signs of the Zodiac while the Headquarters tips carry images of a policewoman who gradually strips as you work your way through the pack. Another interesting selling point is that the majority of the papers come with roaches or tips included.

The Highland Paper Range

Giant Skins - are larger than most papers and are sold in seven colours and two paper sizes. Green is 208 x 50mm; Cream, Grey and Pink are 180 x 50mm, and Blue, Yellow and Grey (II) are 192 x 50mm.

Highland Cosmic - the packaging is highly distinctive taking the form of bright yellow and black diamonds with the yin and yang sign prominently displayed in the centre. The 48 papers in each pack are 125 x 37mm wide, while the perforated roaches display an immense amount of information such as signs of the Zodiac, plants, glyphs and animals. Individual packs and boxes of 30 packs are available.

Highland Headquarters the rice paper and Arabic gum used in the manufacture of these papers, which are 125 x 44mm wide, are 100% natural. In addition every pack of 50 leaves is accompanied by the same number of tips, the papers are creaseless, watermarked to ensure even and slow burning and packed flat. It is likely to be the tips that grab your attention, however. You can purchase Highland Headquarters in single packs or boxes of 24.

Highland Papers sold in packs of 24 and boxes of 24 packs these papers are virtually identical to Highland Headquarters, but in slim form. Rather than depicting a policewoman in a varying state of undress each of the tips carries a different quotation.