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Elements Rolling Accessories

Elements Rolling Accessories

Rolling up a smoke can be a messy affair. Bits of tobacco and paper everywhere. Loose packets and filters dotted all over the place. It can be mayhem for those clean freaks amongst us! But Elements have come up with solutions to help us deal with the turmoil we create!

Elements rolling accessories make rolling one up that bit more stylish and controlled, and they offer solutions to problems we thought we didn't even have.

The Elements Rolling Tray simultaneously gives you a platform to roll on, catches mess and acts as storage for all your papers, tips and tobacco. It is designed around the classic 70's club rolling tray, a classic design that is widely hailed as being the pinnacle of rolling tray design.

The [Elements 12 Inch Giant Roller] is undoubtedly one of the biggest rolling machines on the market, and definitely the biggest one we have here at Shiva. Perfect for a party, special occasion or a time you're feeling brave enough to smoke the whole thing to yourself. It is a great accessories to be used with RAW Supernatural 12” Rolling Papers or any type of Rolling Paper Rolls