Simple vaporizing with Eclipse

Eclipse is a range of vaporizing products that is becoming popular very quickly. The range is made by Essential Herbal Technologies and there are two great vaporizing choices available to you. The first is the Eclipse Vape-20 Vaporizer – a hand-held device that can be used as an attachment to a bong if preferred. The second is the Essential Vaaapp – a unique handheld vaporizer.

The design

The Vape-20 includes two glass vials, two mouth attachments and a couple of bong attachments. The accessories mean that this unit can be used with most glass bongs. The Essential Vaaapp has been created as a strong device that is made from anodised metal. All you have to do is put the herb into one of the glass vials and heat it, using a lighter to create the vapour that you want. Full instructions are provided with both units.

Benefits of features

The Vape-20 is available in a number of different colours.

Both units are built to last and are very easy to operate – no electrics!

Vaporizing is a much better option for the user than smoking, as it is healthier.

The Essential Vaaapp comes with its own convenient carry case and a spare vial.