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Bob Marley Rolling Papers & Cones

Bob Marley rolling papers are made in Spain using 100% bleached hemp. The product can be purchased in either king or regular size and thanks to their length and width are easy to roll. Fans of the artist may be interested to learn that each pack contains a song lyrics or personal quote. In all there are 10 quotes and 15 packaging designs to collect.

Though not being quite as taste-free as some of its competitor’s hemp-based products the Bob Marley brand is somewhat less expensive, making it great value for money. Having said that, the taste is quite pleasant and overall the papers provide a smooth smoking experience.

The glue used is completely natural and as with some other brands this seems to compromise its adhesive properties.

In addition to the Bob Marley brands you can also purchase Snoop Dogg unbleached rolling papers and cones, and Ziggi papers and filters.

The Bob Marley Range

Purple Haze Kingsize - manufactured using 100% bleached hemp these papers are sold in packs of 25 individual sheets, each pack featuring four different psychedelic designs. If you purchase a box of 26 packs you are guaranteed to receive a full set of images of Bob.

Regular - these 1¼ size papers are designed for the times when you are in a hurry and just want a quick smoke. These natural hemp papers offer great value for money and as with other products in the range feature Bob Marley’s well known song lyrics and quotes.

The Snoop Dogg and Ziggi ranges

Snoop Dogg Kingsize Slim - an unbleached rolling paper available in packs of 32 leaves, each 109 x 44mm in size, and boxes of 50 packs. Each pack features a picture of Snoop.

Ziggi URS Combo - you can purchase these hemp based rolling papers in packs containing 32 individual papers and 32 tips. The packs, which have been designed to unfold into handy smoking stations, are available in black, white, blue and green.

If you are looking for something a little different and quirky why not try one of these packs and brighten up your smoking experience?