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Silicone Products

Keep all your oils organised with silicone! Check out are non-breakable silicone bongs that will last your forever. And keeping oil fresh and easily dabbable can be challenging so we suggest silicone pots. Or if you're pressing oil, silicone pads are essential! Whatever your need, we have you covered here at Shiva!

Silicon Dabbing Storage

We are investing more and more time and money in finding the best silicone-based smoking products from Storage to Bongs. Silicone bakeware has been around for years and is not only starting to get more and more popular but also cheaper.

The smoking scene is throwing out new products every week that are silicone based and we pick the best ones out and sell them to you.

There are a few great benefits to using silicone based smoking products. Silicon products are super easy to clean just throw them into the washing up bowl with warm water add some bong cleaner a quick twirl of your bong brush and you’re done, just leave it to dry out and you’re ready to use again or store away. Concentrate pots are just as easy to clean just you don’t need to use a bong brush just pop them inside out and rub them round.

None stick we’ve all had that moment where we’ve been trying to use a glass or plastic storage container but the end product decides to stick in it and your left wondering how to get it out. Well start using Silicone stash products or storage pots and avoid that awkward moment where you’re unsure of what to do.

They aren’t going to break, whether you drop your new Silicone bong on the floor or drop a laptop on top of your silicone dab station. It’s not going to break which is what makes silicone smoking products ideal for beginners or clumsy smokers.