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Dabbing Nails

The dab scene is constantly changing so we change with it! We have all the up-to-date most talked about nails on the market so you can keep a head of the game. We have a wide range of nails from your classic titanium to all the quartz bangers you could hope for.

What is a Dabbing Nail?

A dabbing nail is usually a formed piece of Titanium, Ceramic, Glass or Quartz that has been machined to fit on a glass bong or “Rig” to be able to vaporize small amounts of essential oils known as “Dabs”. The nails are usually made from these specific materials, as they have to be heated to 180 degrees Celsius and over without releasing any harmful gasses that would be inhaled with the essential oils

A dab nails is usually heated to temperature using a high powered blow torch lighter, although now technology has progressed, the use of “E-Nails” has become more common. An E-nail is a device that attaches to a dabbing nail so that it can be heated up to temperature accurately, without the use of fire. This gives the user much more manipulation over the temperature of their dabs, allowing them to enjoy their dabs at the temperature they prefer.

Benefits of Dabbing

Dabbing is seen as being a healthier alternative to smoking as it is essentially, vaporizing. Vaporizing is seen as being healthier way to consume herbs and essential oils than smoking, as it doesn’t carry the risks associated with the combustion of materials, such as the inhalation of carbon monoxide, tar, and other harmful substances. Although, inhaling anything other than air into your lungs can possess some risks and that is no exception when it comes to dabbing. It is generally considered that dabbing is safer at lower temperatures, where the oils are vaporized, rather than at high temperatures where the oils are combusted. This is why more and more people have started to use E-nails, so that they can accurately control the temperature of the oil they are inhaling

Materials used for Nails

Generally Dabbing Nails are made from 4 main Materials; Titanium, Glass, Quartz and Ceramic. Each different material has benefits and limitations. For example Titanium, one of the main choices by many people, retains heat very well and is almost impossible to break. But, on the other hand they are very easy to overheat, resulting in your dab combusting rather than vaporizing. Glass, on the other hand, are usually reasonably priced, and tend not to retain heat very well, meaning that there is less of a chance of combusting your dab. But on the other hand, their lack of heat retention can be annoying to the user. They usually break easily, and need to be replaced frequently so in the long run you end up paying more.

Ceramic is hailed as being one of the best materials for flavour, and it is chemically inert meaning it won’t release any noxious fumes when heated up. Although, like glass it is easily broken and can sometimes lack in its ability to retain heat. Quartz is seen as being one of the best for flavour, and unlike glass or ceramic it is pretty durable. It doesn’t hold on to heat very well, and can cool down before you have even finished a dab, but this can be good as you never risk combustion.