Dab Labs Female 14.5mm 4 Slits Quartz Banger

Dab Labs Female 14.5mm 4 Slits Quartz Banger


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Product Description

Introducing the 14.5mm Female 4 Slits Quartz Banger by Dab Labs, an affordable accessory for any flavour chasing concentrate lover, perfect for anyone looking to taste the full flavour profile of their favourite concentrate.

Made from 2mm thick quartz, it will dissipate heat fairly quickly compared to the heavy quartz bangers. This means you can enjoy a low temp dab without having to wait too long.

This Banger also benefits from the addition of 4 slits around the bottom which allows air to travel through and over your concentrates. This air is then heated by the banger and helps to create a pressure pocket so that all of the concentrate can be vaporised, even at low temperatures.

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