Eject-A-Bowl is a great way of cleaning the bowl from your bong with as little hassle as possible. This range is flexible and can be used with most sizes but you should double check the bong size before placing an order. It can also be used with a homemade bong.

The simplicity of the Eject-A-Bowl concept is one of its main attractions. The rubber fitting is shaped like a cone, which means that it is suitable for almost any bong. You just fill the pipe head as you would for any other bowl and then light it. By pushing down the head of the bowl you have a little more control over the amount of smoke being produced. Pushing down the head of the bowl will also help to get rid of the ash that is produced so it can be reused again quickly.

The advantages of using this product include a more consistent burning rate and a product that is easy to clean. The bowl is designed to last, thanks to the use of top quality materials and it is quite a reasonable price. For most users this has become an essential piece of equipment and they would not use anything else.

Eject-A-Bowl is a revolution for your waterpipe. Clean your bong bowl without any of the hassle with an Eject-A-Bowl.

The Eject-a-Bowl is a great piece of equipment for the bong enthusiast. The aim of this is to ensure that you can use and clean the bong equipment with much less hassle than before. Eject-a Bowls can be used with most sizes of bong but you really do need to make sure that you check the size before you order. Alternatively, add one to your homemade bong.

One of the advantages of the Eject-a-Bowl is just how easy it is to use. The bowl has a cone-shaped rubber fitting which allows it to fit almost any bong. All you have to do is fill the pipe head in the same way that you would normally when using the bong equipment and light it. You have the option of pushing the head of the bowl down slightly in order to adjust the amount of smoke that is produced. By pushing the head in there is more smoke that you can inhale. As you are using the bong all you have to do is push the head down so that ash is ejected as you go.

The tobacco or herb being used will then be able to burn at a more constant rate. Once all the tobacco has gone, the ash and other residue can be ejected by pushing the bowl down. Then all you have to do is refill it and you are good to go.

Using the Eject-a-Bowl is simple and you will also find it very easy to clean. Made from top quality materials that are designed to last, the bowl is designed to fit most bongs and it also looks great. This is not an expensive addition to your bong equipment and after using it just once you are sure to consider it money well spent.