Glass Eject-A-Bowl 12mm

Glass Eject-A-Bowl 12mm



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Product Description


The Glass Eject-A-Bowl is an absolute marvel in design. No longer does cleaning your bong bowl out feel like a daunting task; with an Eject-A-Bowl you can do it in an instant!

Thanks to the cone shaped rubber stopper, the Eject-A-Bowl will fit most bongs, glass or otherwise.

The Eject-A-Bowl has a unique design. Once you have finished smoking you simply need to push down on the bowl and all the ash and residue will be ejected! You can even push down gently in order to stir your mixture mid smoke.

The Eject-A-Bowl is made from thick borosilicate glass and high temperature resistant silicone.

Be aware that you will need to make sure that your bong stem is large enough to house the bowl. If you have a wide stem, the Eject-A-Bowl should fit inside snugly thanks to the rubber stopper, or alternatively the Eject-A-Bowl is great for homemade bongs!

Specifications for the Eject-A-Bowl are as follows:

Regular Bowl:

  • Stem - 12mm diameter
  • Stem length - 50mm after rubber cone
  • Bowl (inner) - 22mm diameter
  • Bowl depth - 15mm

Kingsize Bowl:

  • Stem - 12mm diameter
  • Stem length - 50mm after rubber cone
  • Bowl (inner) - 24mm diameter
  • Bowl depth : 16mm

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