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Pipe Screens (Gauze/ Filters)

It might seem an insignificant part of a pipe, but your gauze can be as important as the pipe itself. At Shiva we have a wide range of gauzes in a range of materials including brass, steel and glass. The gauzes also come in a variety of sizes so no matter what bowl size you use we will have a gauze that will fit it. Depending on what you want from your gauze you can choose glass, brass or steel.

Brass screens are more flexible and they are also able to be used in glass bongs without scratching the bong as well as bongs made from naturally occurring wood. Steel screens on the other hand are much harder and less flexible. However, they are also much more hard-wearing than brass.

Glass filters are the ideal accessory for glass pipes. Our 20 cm brass rim conical screens are large enough to fit most pipes with large bowls. They also have reinforced brass rims which makes them more durable. When using screens it is important to select the right size for your bowl and they should be changed regularly to ensure maximum filtering. Each pack contains 5 screens. The brass rim conical screens can be used with water pipes, bongs and pipes.

Our Silver Palm Leaf Pipe Screens are especially made for the Silver Palm Leaf pipe sometimes known as Credit Card pipes. They earned this name because their design and size means that they can be carried in wallet and they are very popular. The Silver Palm Leaf Pipe Screen packs contain 5 steel filters with a fine woven mesh. These are tough screens and very durable. Our steel screens come in several sizes and they are tough and hard-wearing. Each pack contains 5 steel screens which can be used in pipes or water pipes. To get the best effect the screen should be changed regularly.