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Pipe Cleaning Products

A dirty pipe means dirty smoke. All pipes accumulate a certain amount of dirt with repeated use. Removing this dirt can be chore, but at Shiva we have some great products that will make cleaning your pipe easy. Come to Shiva to find a great range of pipe cleaning products and you will soon be enjoying a clean cool smoke again.

Pipe Cleaning Products

The Smoker’s Knife is like the Swiss army knife of smokers. No matter what sort of pipe you smoke the Smoker’s Knife will soon become your indispensable friend. The knife has various attachments which can be used to clean your pipe. A sharp blade is a perfect implement for removing ash from the pipe bowl and if you ever want to smoke a cigar it can also come in very handy for cutting off the end of the cigar. The stubber at the end is great for packing the pipe bowl and a spike attachment is perfect for cleaning the bowl and pipe stem. A clean pipe makes for a more pleasant smoke and with the Smoker’s Knife you have everything you need to keep your pipe in top condition. The knife is made by Rodgers of Sheffield renowned for their quality products.

One of our top sellers is a seemingly insignificant small brush. However, purchase one of these small brushes and you will begin to understand why they are so popular. These 11 cm pipe brushes are perfect for getting into all the crannies and nooks of your pipe. All pipes become dirty with use and when this happens you may also experience an unpleasant taste when you smoke. You can banish this and other problems with a good cleaning routine and these little brushes are just the thing whether your pipe is made from a naturally occurring material such as wood or from another material such as metal.

Denicool pipe bowl filter crystals are placed in the bowl of the pipe underneath the tobacco. They will absorb any excess condensation when you smoking giving you a cool, mild and dry smoke.