1 Back

When you need good quality papers for smoking, you need look no further than the 1 Back range. These papers are made in Brazil and are completely flavourless so will not interfere with your smoking experience. All you can taste when you use 1 Back, is the tobacco of your choice. They are made from 100% plant cellulose which means that they will burn a little slower than standard papers.

Measuring 115mm x 5mm x 43mm, the pack contains 40 papers and weighs just 8g, taking up almost no space at all. The design of these papers allows you to see what your cigarette looks like inside and as a result the papers have been described as the ‘glass-bottomed boat of the smoking world’. In addition to being odourless, the papers are also biodegradable and contain no plastic at all.

Thanks to a lack of chemicals and bleaching agents, you should have no trouble enjoying the smoking experience. These are very different to any other rolling papers that you might have tried in the past and are available as single packs, although you can order them in bulk if you wish. The 1 Back brand is the one to choose if you want a smoking experience that is safer and allows you to enjoy the tobacco without any other flavours or odours getting in the way.

The plant cellulose sticks to itself when moistened with a lick of spit, so 1 Back papers require no glue either!